Mistakes in the repair of the bedroom

The bedroom in the house you found on the website http://myhousewithme.com/ is a place for rest, it is in this room a person spends the most time. Even minor mistakes during the repair of the bedroom can become a real problem. Not only the furniture placement is important, but also the layout of the room, the colors and materials.

At first glance, mistakes with color are the most insignificant, in fact, they are not. They are the most difficult and unacceptable, because some colors and combinations can negatively influence the psychological state of the person.

The most common mistakes

Lack of privacy

Insufficient soundproofing and too big windows in the bedroom can be a real problem in the future. If in the case of the windows, you can buy thick, long curtains, then with soundproofing you will have to work hard, making repairs all over again.

Too much light

This room should be bright, but an excess of light deprives the bedroom of coziness. Preferably curtains made of dense materials, you can combine them with a light, transparent tulle, but it’s the curtains that will protect from light. Venetian blinds and roller blinds are also not excessive.

As for artificial light it should be enough, but it should be muted. Ideally the brightness of the light should be controlled.

Color scheme

It is better to refuse an abundance of dark colors and shades, much more preferable are pastels and light colors. It is also worth avoiding bright colors, they may be used, but only in small quantities. If there is a desire to make the interior brighter, you can use variegated colors as a decor.

Pillows, rugs, blankets or any other thing made in bright, saturated colors will favorably diversify the interior design.

The most preferred are the following colors and shades:

  • shades of white;
  • light shades of blue;
  • light shades of green;
  • lavender;
  • soft pink;
  • beige;
  • sandy;
  • furniture and floor can be decorated in dark or light shades of brown.

Lack of functionality

All furniture should be as compact and roomy as possible. Various drawers, chests of drawers and other types of furniture whose design includes a large number of drawers, shelves and compartments are preferred.

Capacious are closets, poufs under the seat of which, there is a compartment, beds with drawers, as well as sofas with space for furniture and other small things.